About Us


The Rome Digest is the product of the collaboration of the travelers who are local in this area. We have intentionally created this to serve as the travelers guide when they decide to finally travel to Rome. We know that Rome is one of the best travel destinations in many people’s bucket list. As such, we make it a point to provide them a guide so that they will not be lead astray. We are first to know that one of the horrors of traveling in a foreign land is the lack of guide to teach you what you should be on the look out for or what you should come to first. As a consequence, a traveler is not able to maximize his/her time while in a place. We hope to remedy that by coming up with this website.

What we can tell you is that putting up our own website is not easy. But through our hard work, dedication, and effort, we found out that nothing is impossible. We have acquired sponsors who managed to make the process a little bit smooth sailing for us. But nonetheless, it is the members of the team who made this possible. Many days of sleepless nights were worth it because we made this website a success.

Anyway, please do not hesitate to make this your reference material or your map whenever you decide to travel to Rome anytime soon. We promise you that we will regularly update this so that you will be up-to-date to the latest scenes you can find in Rome. Rest assured that we have agents who keep on gathering information that any tourists should know about. More than that, you are allowed to send to us what you want to know as well. Send to us your inquiries or all the topics you want to know more about. We promise to do our best to upload articles related to it as soon as possible.