Neve di Latte

neve di latte

Fairtrade and organic are not just hollow buzzwords at Ermanno Di Pomponio’s natural gelato shop. Here, only Italy’s best ingredients make it into Neve di Latte (milk snow): pine nuts from Pisa, pistachios from Bronte, Amedei chocolate and organic fruit. The milk and cream come from a biodynamic producer in Germany. All flavors are listed next to the glass case and gelato is served in biodegradable cups. Neve di Latte is located behind the MAXXI (Zaha Hadid’s museum for 21st century art), so it makes a perfect post-exhibition treat.

Ambiance: Bright and whimsical.
Budget: Moderate to High.
Value: Good.
Recommended flavors: Pistachio, chocolate.
Open: Wed-Mon 12:00-22:00. Closed August 12-18.
How to get there: Take tram 2 to Mancini.
Payment: Cash only.

Address: Via Luigi Poletti 6
Telephone: +39 06320 8485
Website: No website

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