Panificio Bonci


In November 2012 Panificio Bonci opened its doors, the latest addition to the yeasty dynasty of Gabriele Bonci, founder of Pizzarium. Crowned ‘the Michelangelo of pizza’, Bonci’s Panificio is proof that he is also a master of the art of bread making. His pizza bianca is to die for, a combination of skill, long leavening and quality ingredients (stone ground wheat, extra virgin olive oil, water, salt and yeast). There are breads in all shapes, sizes and flavors, including pumpkin bread (in season), sold at surprisingly reasonable prices. There are traditional cookies and cakes, panettoni at Christmas, colombe at Easter and flaky pizzette year-round. On Saturdays look for porchetta from Vitaliano Bernabei, while on Sundays, swing by for millefoglie made to order.

Not everything at Panificio Bonci is amazing, however. The burgers, served to-go, are too lean to be life-changing and the artisanal cornetti–dense and undigestible–are somehow worse than their ubiquitous industrial counterparts.

Ambiance: Bright modern bakery.
Budget: Inexpensive to moderate.
Value: Good.
Recommended goods: pumpkin bread, pizza bianca.
Open: Mon-Sat 7:45-20:30. In the summer Mon-Sat 7:30-15:00 & 17:00-21:00. Closed August 12-18. In December open Sun.
How to get there: Take the metro A to Ottaviano.
Credit cards: Yes, for charges exceeding €5.

Address: Via Trionfale 34/36
Telephone: +39 0639734457


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