I love this website because they allow us to know what to look forward to when thinking of traveling to Rome or when you are here already. There are so many information here that you cannot find easily if you do not know which way to look. This is the reason why this website is really amazing. You do not anymore need to look elsewhere. Instead, they have it all already only in one website which is really very convenient. What more is that there are times when they even give you promo vouchers for some of the stores that are available in Rome. Truly, they are the answer to the prayers of the travelers.


This website is very informative. If not for them, I’d be lost in Rome. It is because of this website that I managed to buy all the things I need during my stay at a cheaper cost. Moreover, they taught me where to go wherein I will not be crowded by the tourists who come in their area. In this place, I managed to get a checklist that enabled me to maximize my stay. I hope that there will be more websites like this one that specializes in different places.


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